At iMpro we have experience in media production with local businesses such as Cyrus O'Leary Pies, Ramey Construction, Action Coach, Forever Green Illumination, the Spokane Aquifer Joint Board, Chaps Restaurant and many more.

You know your products, business...and so we like to work together toward the intended goal, bringing new perspectives to what is already there. Enhance what is working and change what is not.

iMpro has extensive experience in Television, Radio, Print Media, Web, Music Production and jingles.

Dirk Swartz Dirk Swartz has been a performing musician for over 30 years. A singer, guitarist, songwriter, and producer, Dirk's love for producing media grew over the years as he realized there was a lot more to being a musician than music alone. "People need websites, videos, business cards, recordings..." so he learned to do it all over many years, and now does it for a living, along with playing music at some of the finer establishments in the Spokane area. His passion for creating serves him well in both the music industry and here at iMpro, where every day is a new challenge!

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